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Cardiff Friday, 3 July 2009

Posted by Ian Marks in Europe 2009, The Ians on Tour.

Getting a little behind in the posts, so this is a couple of days late.

On Wednesday we actually managed to haul our butts out of bed early enough to make our train to Cardiff.  A slow trip at first out of London but finally we picked up a bit of speed and eventually arrived in Cardiff.

Cardiff was exactly as I remembered it, a little dirty and a city of two parts.  The city centre of Cardiff is exactly the same as most city centres, people rushing about doing stuff and others just hanging around.  We checked out around the place and then headed for Cardiff Bay.  The difference between the two areas is incredulous.  Yes Cardiff Bay is a planned area from what was the old docks but the whole feel of the place is different.  And it hasn’t just been done for the tourists as the Welsh National Assembly is located in Cardiff Bay.

Cardiff Bay’s big claim to faim is that it is where the series Torchwood is based.  We saw the huge water feature thing in the middle that is the fictitious base of Torchwood and the door that is the entrance to Ianto’s Tourist Information office.  It was all a bit nerdy but fun.

The Doctors TardusWe also visited the Doctor Who exhibition.  Some props from the show including costumes.  It could have been a lot bigger than it was and some of the displays weren’t working as they should have been.  But it was very interesting and always fun to imerse yourself in a bit of fun.

We then wandered around Cardiff Bay for a while and there was this cute little green boat that was doing a trip out to the barrage.  It turns out that Cardiff has a tide movement of 14 metres so they built what turned out to be a lock for boats to pass through.

So we wandered around a bit more, a few more beers and then headed for the train.  The first class lounge was unfortunately closed and we had to hang around the platform before our train arrived.  An uneventful trip back to London.  We headed to the underground to get back to Holborn and the terrible heat in the station had not reduced – I really do feel for the people of London in those hot tunnels.



1. Paul - Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Glad you enjoyed the little city I have adopted as home.

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