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Sunday in Battery Park Monday, 21 September 2009

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Me in Battery ParkSo, first day in New York. Decided it was time to master the Subway system. Figuring the ticket machine was pretty easy, figuring the map wasn’t too hard, but trying to understand what the announcements were saying was damn near impossible. It wasn’t till my R train to South Ferry was going over Manhattan Bridge that I realised it was saying that the R train to Brooklyn was taking the Q track. So, had to hop off at the next station, catch a train back and find another line heading in the right direction.

ManhattanCaught the Staten Island Ferry, just because it’s an iconic thing to do. Fabulous views of Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey, plus the Statue of Liberty and Ellis and Governor’s Islands.

After a short wander along the shore at Staten Island caught the ferry back to meet up with friends Matti and Bec from Brisbane in Battery Park. Sandwiched between a large group doing yogo and a band playing rather loudly at a cafe. Oddly incongruous. Then on a whim we caught the Gray Line bus tour up the East side to Central Park and back to Times Square, where a large prayer gathering was taking place. Bizarre!

Bec and MattiHad a bit of a wander, which included one of the best lines of the day (Matti: let’s go up that street. Ian: that street is Broadway), and we were all feeling quite hungry so we stopped in at Carnegie Deli for lunch. At 5.30, a good time for “lunch”. I had something called Beefamania, Bec had an enormous chicken salad, Matti had a comparitively small burger.

They had other places to be, and I was meeting up with friends Pepe (from LA) and John Steven (from Scotland). The other great comment of the day – Pepe: it’s Ian fucking Cole! We went to TGI Friday’s on 7th Avenue for dinner (my dinner was Samuel Adams, couldn’t eat a thing after Beefamania!), then a wander up Broadway and past Carnegie Hall, then for a few drinks at Ben Ash across the street. A fun night of gossip and chat.

Today is Ian M’s birthday. Happy birthday my darling!