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Where the big jet engines roar Monday, 28 September 2009

Posted by Ian Cole in Ian C, New York 2009, The Ians on Tour.

Here I am in United’s Red Carpet Club lounge at LAX. After a nightmare trip from New York (almost 36 hours since I left Stella’s house in Philadelphia to go to JFK, I should have been home about 7 or so hours ago) it’s time for a splurge.  It’s a lot better than the bar  in Terminal 7, which no doubt will be full of people watching Monday Night Football. How revoltingly hetero! 😉

Flight is on time, so all being well in a couple of hours I’ll be airborne and on the way home, 24 hours late.

It’s been a wonderful time. I’m so glad that I made the trip to experience Kristina in English. It was simply superb. Thanks honey for encouraging me to come. Thanks to Benny, Björn, Meryl and Christine for looking stunned when encoutered by our group at the lift backstage in Carnegie Hall (I haven’t posted that story yet). Thanks Görel and Lars for being surprised that someone wanted an autograph and photo (gosh there are some stories I haven’t posted yet). Thanks Helen for being so gracious. Thanks Jason for talking me in to going to the reception, even though you only stayed for two drinks (the most expensive two drinks ever). Thanks CMP for those lovely days we had wandering the streets and visiting various sites. Thanks Stella and Rob for a fun Saturday night, breakfast and that long, long, long drive on Sunday. Thanks to everyone that I met up with in New York. To those friends that I know where there that I missed, I’m so sorry, I would have loved to have seen you. To friends back home why weren’t you posting comments about how jealous you all were 😉 ? (aside from Rina).



1. Other Ian - Tuesday, 29 September 2009

I am so glad the trip was fabbo despite the very long trip home (you could have got from here to London and back in that time). Of course you had to go if for no other reason than to be fabulous in New York! But soon you’ll be home and I’ll be the one with the flashing sign at the airport. Only one more sleep!

2. Rina - Tuesday, 29 September 2009

I’m gonna miss all the fabulous stories, updates and pics!!!
And I’m sure gonna miss my daily blogging!!! xxxx

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