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Number nine, number nine, number nine Friday, 11 September 2009

Posted by Ian Cole in Ian C, Music.
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Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club BandAs the whole world surely knows on September 9th the entire Beatles catalogue was re-released in remastered versions, with two box sets, one containing all the music in stereo, one with the mono mixes as originally released in the 1960s, and the stereo albums available separately.

It’s been widely reported that EMI “underestimated” demand, especially for the box sets, and particularly the mono.

It seems that supply in Australia is virtually non-existant. JB Hifi yesterday had a smattering of the individual albums, no box sets, and a sign declaring that “due to unprecendented demand” the “initial allocation” of box sets and a “second allocation”, expected the week of release, would not be available until mid-October. It’s probably the same everywhere. That crappy Virgin “megastore” on George Street had no sign of the box sets.

I should have ordered them from Amazon.com when they were first announced. I’ve read stories of people travelling to America to make sure they got the box sets on the first day.

When the albums were first released on CD in 1987 they were staggered in groups of three or four over several months. This time EMI and Apple have gone for big bang, releasing the whole lot at once, making it an expensive week for anyone who wants the whole lot.

Guess I’ll be ordering from somewhere and hoping for further suppliers. What a fuckup that you can’t buy an international release in the biggest city in a major music market.